Commercial Movers

2 Men Fast Affordable Movers is an industry leader and when it comes to commercial moving, we are at the top of the totem pole. This is because we understand that time is money and any time wasted is money lost. And because business is the backbone of any economy we conduct due diligence to ensure that players have the best services which are fast, and reliable.

We offer different commercial moving services which are well aligned to meet each clients needs and budget. We have got you covered with our commercial services at affordable prices. Some of the services which you will receive from 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers include:

  • -Corporate Relocation. 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers brings you services to ensure that you do not lose any valuable time with a slow and lengthy moving process. You do not have to worry whether you are moving across states or just in the near vicinity, we will ensure that you get to your new office in time and ready to hit the ground running. 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers employees are trained to quickly and safely relocate you to your new location.
  • -Office Moving. we understand that any downtime in your business will result in your business losing money. This is not an option when you contact 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers as we will move you and your equipment to your new premises as fast as possible. If you are worried about losing business during the moving process, then you can opt and request after office hours and on weekends. Just ask your relocating consultant at 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers and we will give you all the necessary help you need to make your move with no hustles. Talk to your consultant and he will come up with a plan to ensure that you get the best services. Just to make sure that you are satisfied with the services offered by 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers, our consultant will work with you from the beginning to the end of your move. We are committed to customer satisfaction and provide quality services and solutions for any scenario.

Our Moving Consultants will work hand in hand with the management team to ensure that your relocation goals are achieved. Our professional movers will be in charge of the whole moving operation so as to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This is to ensure that your business is back up and running without wasting any valuable time. We will get you set up in your new office and with a minimum amount of hustle. At 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers, we guarantee that your relocation to the new office is done in the required amount of time and budget estimated.

Contact 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers today on (504) 264 - 1002 / (800) 823 - 1132 and receive an unmatched deal.

Office Packing Tips

Mark all the boxes Clearly. it is important to mark all the boxes with the room number and area it will be dispatched to in the new premises. This will help eliminate any confusion and also help organize the new office premises

Disconnect all equipment. make sure that all the office equipment are disconnected from any power outlets before the movers handle them. This is to ensure that there is minimal wastage of time and damage of property.

Expensive and Large equipment should be handled with a third party. If there are larger office appliances and machinery, then you will need the services of a third party skilled with the required knowledge on installation to help with the moving.this is to ensure that you do not void any warranty which cover the equipment in the case of mishandling.

2 Men Fast Affordable Movers is a trained entity comprising of employees trained to move equipment in a safe manner thus minimising any risk of damage to the property or injury to the movers. A professional mover will help you protect your investment and ensure that furniture functions just as it did before relocation. Our movers are highly trained technicians who can disassemble and reassemble any systems according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

We also understand the importance of careful planning in any office relocation. Reconfiguration of cubicles and office furniture systems will be needed depending on the layout and space available. At 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers we will discuss this you to ensure that you okay the whole plan to maximize office space.

Making Commercial Moving a success.

Ensure that you make safety a priority whenever you are planning to relocate. This is done by hiring a professional mover to help you make the move a success. 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers is just the company to help you out with the move.

There are also certain aspects which must be taken into considerations before the moving day to ensure that you can easily coordinate your employees and minimise the last minute rush. so make sure:

  • 1. A day before moving all employees should collect and pack all their personal belongings on his desk and or cubical and put them in a box. These boxes should be clearly marked so as not to misplace them. If the personal effects are small and can be carried by the staff let them bring the items to the new office location. However, any office assets will be handled with the movers and this should be left untouched. Most employees only require a small box which can fit their personal items and this is fairly easy compared to letting the moving company handle it.

    If possible, then you can have them combine their belongings in a large box which is clearly marked and have the moving company help ship them. This is to ensure that you save cart space on the trucks.
  • 2. Have employees empty cabinets and pack the files in boxes. However, in most cases upright file cabinets can be moved with the contents intact when it is locked but lateral cabinets need to be emptied.
  • 3. Remove and pack all the contents which are in the supply cabinets and pack them in a clearly marked cabinet then proceed to lock the cabinet doors.
  • 4. Empty all the books in the bookcases in a box for easy relocation of the shelves.
  • 5. Make sure that all the packing is completed a day before the relocation.
  • 6. Ensure that only the essential personnel are involved with the move. They should be present on the d-day, while the rest can be given a day off and instructed to arrive at the new location on a certain day or time. If you are relocating the entire business out of the state and you no longer need the services of your employees, then it is best to sort this issue out with a 3-month notice and clear their severance in advance before the moving day.
  • 7. Inform your customers that you will be relocating to a different area so as not to inconvenience them. This can be done when a client comes in for services and pamphlets handed over to them. these pamphlets should include directions such as a map so that they can easily find you.