Long Distance Movers

2 Men Fast Affordable Movers has been in the industry for years and we have been successful in helping businesses and residents relocate. We have experience and qualified employees to help you make a stress free and smooth move. When you contact us, each long distance move begins with an accurate estimate which is provided by our certified consultant.

Our professionalism will remain intact throughout our engagement as our trained and experienced movers complete your relocation.

This is done through creating an itemized inventory of your property before they are packed and loaded onto the trucks. We will then proceed to carefully wrap the items in quilted pads so as to ensure that it arrives safely to your destination. When our movers deliver your property, each item is checked and placed in the required location and room of your choice. We understand that relocating is not easy and crossing state lines can make it even more of a headache. But the solution to eliminating all this stress is 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers. We have helped many clients cross state lines by giving them a shipping option which is affordable and easy to manage.

2 Men Fast Affordable Movers offers its services throughout the state and we can help you relocate to another state if the need arises. We guarantee an on-time, pick-up and delivery service to wherever you may be relocating to.

2 Men Fast Affordable Movers is proud to offer the best services at affordable prices just as our name suggests. We concentrate on delivering a professional service to our customers so that you can concentrate on a new beginning.

Before you can get into your long distance moving, what exactly is Long Distance Moving? Well, this is moving for far distances and may involve crossing state lines. This type of moving is dependant on mileage from the original location to your final destination. It will also involve the weight of the items being shipped.

In order to calculate the price for the entire move, we will require to measure the weight of the entire property. Estimating the weight can also be done through our online weight estimate calculator.

2 Men Fast Affordable Movers specializes in long distance moving and we strive to ensure that you as a client receive the best and exceptional services. We do not have hidden fees and our efficient and convenient moving services will have you satisfied. So make sure to contact us today and we will assign a personal consoltant to help you with your move. This is to ensure that there is a personalized, comprehensive moving package guaranteed to suit your budget and needs. With our consultant helping you with the planning phase of your moving, we ensure that your move is easy and organised relocation. We will ensure that everything is taken care of until they are finally delivered to your new location. call us today on (504) 264 - 1002 / (800) 823 - 1132. When you call us, be assured that you will receive these services:

  • -Quilt padding and shrink wrapping of all furniture
  • -Storage
  • -Detailed inventories for each move
  • -Binding and not to exceed estimates provided.
  • -guaranteed on-time pick-up and delivery dates
  • -Pick-up is done by 2 Men Fast, Affordable Movers,
  • -Unique number tagging system for all items moved
  • -customized crating for glasses, marble and pictures
  • -Packing and unpacking services

Long Distance Moving Tips

Start with a purge. this is the great purge and you need to go through all the closets and check all the stuff stashed away for the last years. Start by cleaning them out, also consider what furniture you want and get rid of the ones you do not want.

Search Packing Supplies. if it is possible, find free packing supplies such as boxes and wrappers. This can be found from friends and organizations which receive their shipments in boxes. Alternatively, you can purchase moving supplies from the hardware stores as they do have a moving supplies section. You aim when purchasing these items is to minimise the cost as much as possible and this means long hours of browsing through the sections for cheaper options.

Organize. make sure that you organize items according to the room. Make sure that all boxes are clearly labelled with contents contained in them and the room they are destined to. Ensure that all fragile items are bubble wrapped and packed tightly into boxes. Make sure that the boxes in which these items are contained are labelled fragile so that it is handled with care during transport.

Schedule installation of Utilities. This is a transitional period in your life and you have to plan for everything in advance. You are required to first cancel the current utilities you are using before scheduling installation of the new residency. Keep in mind that you will need water and electricity on the first day you arrive in your house and to ensure that there is a smooth transition, schedule these utilities in advance of up to 4-6 weeks. Nothing is worse than arriving at your new premises and have no power or running water. Also consider aspects such as insurance, that is if you are crossing state lines. You will require new auto insurance and make sure that you get things squared away with your homeowner's policies.

Stay out of the way. If you have contract 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers, you have already completed the move. On the moving day, make sure that you stay out of our movers' way as they go about packing(if you have not done this already), shipping and moving your belongings. This is to enable out movers complete the work with ease and minimize accidents and damage to your items.

Get to your new home early. It is always a good idea to get to your house in advance before your property arrives so that you can receive them when they finally do get there. This is to enable you to have better control of the unpacking.

When your items finally arrive, make sure that you communicate with your movers which pieces of furniture need to be reassembled. This will enable you to easily put pieces such as beds and shelves back together. It will also eliminate the need to manually wrestle with the pieces as you try and put them together. 2 Men Fast Affordable Movers will help you when you request thus making your experience amazing.

Explore your new neighbourhood and look out for the nearest amenities such as pharmacy, grocery stores, schools, police stations and hospitals. Meet your neighbours and try new restaurants in the area until you find the best eat out place.